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The Importance of Acting Quickly
When mould is discovered the most important thing to do is to act quickly. Mould is known to cause structural damage to the home which may result in major home repairs and expenses. Mould is also responsible for causing many different issues to inhabitants of the home with exposure for any length of time. Mould spores are known to cause itchy eyes, breathing issues and other serious health problems. It is essential to take care of any mould problems in the home before they hurt the inhabitants of the home and the home itself.
Quality Services and Peace of Mind
Discovering mould in the home can be a very stressful experience for homeowners. Mould remediation often includes the destruction and removal of any affected walls and floors of the contaminated areas of the home. This can lead to extensive repairs and inconveniences while the home is being restored.
The best mould restoration companies in Toronto will be able to quickly and conveniently deal with mould issues of any size. The goal of mould restoration services is to completely remove any mould issues and restore the home to its original condition as quickly as possible.
One of the major services that a quality restoration company can provide for clients is effective communication. This means that the client knows exactly what is being done to get rid of the mould, how long it will take and what it will cost. In events such as this the biggest fear for the homeowner comes from the unknown – unknown repairs and costs especially. If you require mould restoration services, choose a company that will manage expectations and communicate throughout the process.
Quality services will ensure that every trace of the mould problem is eradicated from the home leaving it safer for you and your family.
If you suspect or know of a mould issue in your home, enlist the services of Toronto's best mould removal company to solve the issue and set your mind at ease.

Protecting Your Investment

For many residents in and around Toronto, building a new home is not an affordable endeavour. Many of us end up purchasing an older, more affordable home that comes with its own unique characteristics and issues.

With an older home there will be a greater chance of leaky pipes, moisture and other water related issues that tend to develop slowly over time. It pays to thoroughly inspect your home for any water damage and identify areas that contain levels of moisture. Finding the areas early enough will prevent issues and save a large amount of money in future repairs.
A simple air quality test can identify the presence of mould in the home. Undiscovered mould and mildew growths can quickly move throughout areas of the home leading to costly and inconvenient mould removal procedures. In the case that the air test shows the presence of mould, a quality restoration company will be able to use non-invasive scanning methods (such as thermal cameras) to identify exactly where the mould is present in the home. This is important since mould prefers to grow in areas that are dark, moist and out of sight (i.e. behind walls).
Tips For Choosing Mould Company
Choosing a company to let into your home can be a challenge, especially when it can affect your health. You won't go to a handyman to fix your car, but to a certified, licenced mechanic. That is why you need to find a mould removal company that is experienced in mould removal, in both residential and commercial buildings, carrying the insurance (pollution liability), and is IICRC certified. 
Our Toronto office, is highly experienced, and has performed many projects throughout the city in the past decade. 

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